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Sam Patti founded La Prima Espresso Co. in 1988. His original business plan was to sell and service commercial espresso machines from his showroom in the city’s historic market and restaurant district known as The Strip. Soon the showroom evolved into a full-service espresso bar, where it has become a must-stop Pittsburgh destination.  Join the locals and visit the first La Prima Espresso location at 21st Street and Penn Avenue -  or head over to our coffee kiosk in Carnegie Mellon University’s Wean Hall. It’s like a little trip to Italy … only closer to home.

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Our Mission

Established in 1988, La Prima Espresso Company is dedicated to procuring, roasting and serving premium Italian-style espresso and fine coffees from around the world.  La Prima strives to work in a manner respectful to our employees, community, environment and the farmers who grow our coffee.


At La Prima, we hand-roast our coffees in small batches to bring out the distinctive flavors of every bean. We are a certified organic roaster by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO), and we continue to offer many fair-trade coffees through committed relationships with growers and producers. We stay close to the roast and put our knowledge and expertise to work to produce the best cup of coffee possible.


We take our commitment to producing fine coffee seriously.  La Prima is proud to be associated with these professional and industry groups committed to authentic sourcing and fair-trade practices.


The Roasters Guild

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