Decaf Colombia

Colombia Decaf, Mountain Water Process


Tasting Notes
Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Ginger

16 oz / 454 g

Coffee Specs
Location: Coffee Triangle, Colombia
Altitude: 1,500 Meters 
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Decaf, Mountain Water Process
Drying: Vertical Dryers
Harvest: October
Export: November

This coffee from Colombia is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process which removes a minimum of 97% of the caffeine without the use of chemicals.


Colombia Royal Select Decaf comes from small family-owned farms in the Colombian “coffee triangle.” The main harvest is between October and January, and the “mitaca” harvest is between April and June. Small coffee producers pick and process their coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee, typically on elevated tables inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain.

Coffee sold whole bean. Ground is available, please see options above. 


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