Sample Pack - Coffee Blends

La Prima Espresso Company is distinguished by its delicious blends crafted by our expert Head Roasters who are intimately familiar with coffee crops, nuances, and optimizing roasts for beans.

Our Coffee Blend Sample pack features three six eight coffee blends chosen to offer a range of tastes. Each hits different notes and has its place.

1988 Blend refers to our founding year. This medium roast was designed to be brewed for drip. Central and South American beans provide a citrus tang up front and a smooth chocolate finish. Perky and well-rounded, 1988 Blend is a spiffy way to start your day.

La Casa Blend offers a hint of adventure. Certified organic, medium roasted beans from Africa and South America present floral notes and a wine-like sweetness on the finish. This torrefazione favorite is a coffee you can drink all day.

Paulie's Blend is among our most popular coffees. With dark and medium roasted beans from South America and Indonesia, Paulie's satisfies those who prefer a traditional coffee.

Each bag makes about one gallon of coffee. All coffees are delicious brewed by any method. Makes a great gift! You can add a note at checkout.

Coffee sold whole bean.

Life is more beautiful with a cup of good coffee.


Fresh and direct from Torrefazione La Prima to your mailbox: coffee ordered through is roasted to order and shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail, Monday through Friday. Regardless of the quantity of coffee you order, shipping is $7.50.