Claroty Tasting 2

Claroty Virtual Coffee Tasting 2

These orders are fulfilled by invitation only.

Welcome to La Prima!

Please select if, or how, you prefer us to grind your coffee. Once you provide your grind and mailing address we will send you coffee and a mug. Here are a few guidelines to help us better enjoy our coffee experience.

Nota Bene:

  • Most coffees can be brewed for any method you choose, as long as the grind is set properly for the brewing method. Two of the three coffees you will receive are espresso blends which make wonderful regular coffee (drip, pour over, French press, AeroPress, cold brew, etc). The critical matter is to adjust the grind to match the brewing method.
  • Please use one tablespoon of ground coffee for every four ounces of water. Then, adjust to taste.
  • Water temperature must be approximately 200° to render proper infusion.

What are we tasting?

Considerations for Taste Profiles:

For our workshop today we will consider four sensory perceptions.


For both the coffee grounds before brewing and the brewed coffee in the cup, what do you smell? Range of olfactory sensations is extensive but often include chocolate, fruit, citrus, nuts, spice, flowers, tobacco, earth, et. al.


How does the coffee feel on your tongue - is it light or heavy? Think about the sensation of a light, milky milkshake compared to a thick milkshake.


What sense of "tang" do you taste? Compared to drinking wine, is your cup of coffee more in the range of sweet or dry? Many prefer to start the day with a breakfast blend, something soft, not tart. Later in the day we might need to push ahead so we prefer a brighter cup of coffee.


This is the overall sensation that arrives when drinking your coffee. What do you in fact "taste?" It may or may not be the aroma you detected in the first step of our tasting. Be aware that as the coffee cools different aromas and flavors may emerge. The final and most important conclusion is whether or not you enjoy the coffee you are drinking. Now you have a taste profile format to compare your cups.