Colombia - Familia Cometa

Colombia - Familia Cometa


Tasting Notes
Cocoa Powder, Thyme, Orange Marmalade

16 oz / 454 g

Coffee Specs
Location: Cauca, Colombia
Altitude: 1,980 - 2,170 Meters
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed
Drying: Gable-roof dryers
Harvest: May - August

La Prima's Colombia, Familia Cometa is a medium roast, washed process, Castillo coffee farmed in the Cauca region between 1,980 & 2,170 meters above sea level. The green beans are sourced from the Farm Select program with Banexport, an initiative to support producers with tools they need to improve their coffee quality, gain access to better prices, and make lasting connections with committed specialty buyers.

The Farm Select program has several specific elements, including:

  • The use of Brix and pH meters for optimal harvesting and fermentation
  • Farm soil analysis and fertilization guidance
  • Sensory analysis training and support
  • Fixed per-pound pricing for producers above both the C market price and the daily market price set by the FNC in Colombia
  • Training and higher compensation for pickers on Farm Select farms (600 pesos per kilo compared with the national standard 300 pesos)
The Cometa Family is careful to pick only purple coffee cherries. The coffee is kept in a hopper for 15 hours after harvesting, then depulped the following day, and fermented dry for 22 hours. It is then washed three times and dried in gable-roof dryers. The drying process can take 16-26 days.

Coffee sold whole bean. Ground is available, please see options below. 


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