Mission & Philosophy

Our Philosophy at La Prima is:

  • To source, roast, and serve quality coffees. We believe in using only the best green beans from specially chosen growing regions around the world. We use small-batch roasters to ensure the optimal quality found only in small roasts.
  • To sell and service high quality brewing equipment for espresso and drip coffee. We believe in selling only equipment that brews the most ideal coffee and espresso. We service all of the equipment we sell with a staff that is committed solely to espresso and brewed coffee machines.
  • To be a valuable member of the local community through our employment practices and of the world community through our green coffee selection. We are proud of our relationship with the community and we strongly believe in investing in local businesses and local people. We are partners with Grow Pittsburgh (a local non-profit organization) who strive to demonstrate, teach and promote responsible urban food production. We also are pleased to work with Achieva (an employment company for physically and mentally challenged individuals) on the labeling of our coffee bags.